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The most frequently asked questions.

The maintenance fee it is utility payments which are collected for maintenance of the building/buildings and the territory of the project as it should be, for the security, cleaning, garbage removal, communal swimming pool maintenance, project management, etc. Usually this fee is calculated from square meter per month, and must be paid 1 year up-front. The rates of the Maintenance Fees are always depends on the developer and facilities of the project. Then more amenities are in the development, then higher the rate.

However these payments don’t cover expenses on the building renovation and unexpected damages of the building and project territory, these expenses must be covered by Sinking Fund.

After purchasing a property in Thailand (and get a Title Deed/Chanote), if the project is just completed there is Sinking Fund, Maintenance Fee, installation of water and electricity meters, and communal payments (water, electric, etc.). If the property is built already there is only Maintenance Fee and communal fees.

As for the house, there are maintenance fees, communal fees, pest control, gardener services, cleaning of the swimming pool (if you get a private pool), and if the house is registered under company name the annual balance sheet for the company have to be paid as well.

Chanote is the Title Deed, document, written in Thai language, confirming the property rights on the real estate objects located in Thailand. This document always registered in local land departments (Land Offices). Includes all characteristics of the property, including layout, and also the names of all previous owners from the date of the first registration in land department.

If you buying property in Thailand and the project are under construction, in the developer’s office the money should be paid in THB, according to the contract.

But, if it is secondary property and you deal with the agency/owner, the conditions of the contract and payments can be considered.