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Pattaya real estate agency specialized with selling condos and houses. Property with rental guarantee, under construction and ready to move in.
Invest, buy, sell or rent! Thai Grant

First 3 people who will buy any kind of property with our company untill end of September 2016 will get one of our special bonuses:

1) Weekend in Hong Kong for free including tickets and accommodations (trip for 2 people, not include any additional costs)


2) Household appliances (and electronics) package. This package includes TV, Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Teapot, Dish, Curtains and Bed linen. The size of TV and Refrigerator is depends the type of the Property you’ve bought.


Every year Thailand attracts more and more people. Some of them attracted with a warm and soft climate, others with a beautiful sunsets, sea, waterfalls and islands and those who have already seen enough and have been here many times, thinking about to moving to this remarkable country, and searching for some real estate in Thailand.

What to start with? At first you have to choose some property you prefer. On our website you can find a lot of properties for sale and for rent as well in the best-known city of Thailand – Pattaya. We provide a big choice of condos and villas in any city area for any value.

Also there are lots of people, who have already bought a property in Pattaya, and some of them invest a lot of funds in Thailand real estate market. What to do with your property if there is no time to manage it? In this case you can use our special service – rental guarantee, this way will help you to get your returning on investments much quicker.

How does it work? After you purchase a property with our real estate agency, we sign a contract for rental guarantee where will be specified the amount of monthly payments at the fixed rates. At the same time we undertake the payments of all additional expenses, such as maintenance fees, etc. Also we agree to keep your condo or house in a good shape.

What is it for? It is a direct guarantee of your rental income! For example, the average rental period is 6-7 month per year, even if you use the regular rental company services. With us you will get your monthly income 12 month a year!

Such way of investments in real estate is very convenient and favorable; because we guarantee that you will get your profit, and you will get it in time!

The success of your business, is the proper and reliable partner, follow your dream together with Thai Grant Property Co., Ltd.