City overview | Phratumnak

From another side of Central Pattaya there is a Pratamnak area with Big Buddah Hill and several view points from where you can enjoy the view over Pattaya Bay, Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya Park and Jomtien Beach. This area much more quite then Central Pattaya, but also there are some bars which closed usually in the midnight. This area also has a Night Market, near Pattaya Park, but mostly with food. This area is built mostly with a low and mid-rise condominiums and hotels, and has its own beach Dongtan, which flows into Jomtien Beach. Also there is a Princess residence, so this area is very quiet, peaceful and comfortable.

Pratamnak Hill has a small sub-area called Cozy Beach, it is very unique place with only one entrance there – a small road. There are few high-rise condominiums, couple 5-star hotels, such as Sheraton and Royal Cliff Hotel, luxury village with private access to the beach, Varuna Yacht-club, gentlemen’s club, few restaurants with a beautiful sea-view and small cozy beach, mostly for the people who living in this area, from where you can also take a speed-boat trip to the nearest islands.

Pattaya is not a big city and consists of 5 main districts/areas: Central Pattaya, North Pattaya, Pratumnak and Jomtien/Na-Jomtien and a huge East Pattaya area.